TheCollege is proactive in providing facilities for students to participate incultural activities, sports and games in various ways. Cultural committeesupported by a team of faculty members and full time sports officer look afterall cultural, sports and extracurricular activities of the college. Openauditorium for conduction of various cultural activities is constructed in thecampus. Seminar hall is provided for regular rehearsal and practice of culturalprograms which is equipped with a sound system and ICT facility.  

Internationalyoga day is celebrated every year to create awareness in the area of physicaland mental health and about healthy lifestyle.

Thecollege organizes various cultural activities like youth festival, NSS day,Women’s day, Fresher day, farewell party, Dance competition and other suchactivities to explore the talented creativity of students.

The institute has enoughfacilities for sports particularly outdoor games. The infrastructure ofinstitution contains sports accessories for wholly ball, kho-kho, Netball,handball, kabaddi, badminton etc. For indoor games facilities available includeaccessories of Chess, Carom etc.


Personalgrowth of students can be achieved by learning skills through Culturalactivities that is an integral part of the study. The college organizes variouscultural activities like youth festival, NSS day, Women’s day, Fresher day,Dance competition and other such activities to explore the talented creativityof students. To organize various cultural programs the Institution has awell-managed auditorium.  To facilitatedifferent cultural activities enough physical facilities in the campus areavailable which include: Table cloths, Chairs, Carpets, Sound system and mic,Music player, Synthesizer, Chhattisgarhi costumes and ornaments, Banners,Lamps, Podium etc.



The Institution gives specialemphasis for Yoga, Meditation and Gymnasium as the YOGA DAY every year which iscelebrated on 21st June. Due to our country’s effort the InternationalYoga Day  was declared by UNO. So, aspecial portion in the Institution is being allotted as Yoga Centre where theadministration/ faculties/ students perform Yoga on 21st June andalso at other times. The space is specifically kept clean and peaceful which ismandatory for Yoga and meditation.


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