Physics Department

Department at aGlance –

The physicsdepartment was established in 1989. The department of Physics is currentlyoffering physics subject for up to B.Sc level. The department is trying foroverall development of student by organizing  different curricular and co-curricularactivities. Department is also trying for develop the scientific attitude byassign the different project for student which will help them not only in currentacademic but also in future academics and research. The department has well-furnishedlab.


To becomevibrant knowledge center and a center of excellence in teaching and to provideeducation that generates good citizen.

 Mission –

The mission ofthe department is to be an excellence in creation, extension of knowledge andtechnology.

To introduce thestudents for generating new idea and thought to develops their personalities inenabling them to face the challenges in world.

·      Toawaken the young minds and discover their talents both in theory and practicalphysics, through dedication to teach, commitment towards students andinnovation instructional methods like PPT visual aids.

·      Tosupport the development activities of the college and make the department vibrant.

·      Todevelop strategy in the department for continuous improved .



Goals  and objectives –

1.   Improvethe fundamental concepts and advance techniques of physics.

2.   Toexpose students with different technique through different project.

3.   Westrictly observe the teaching schedule, timely conduct of examination,preparing teaching plans and its implementation.