Indira Gandhi Govt. Arts and CommercePG College, Vaishali Nagar, Bhilai intends to nurture, shape up and enhance thepotential of the students. It gives the students a platform, where he not onlyhas academic enhancement but we also focus on total development of thepersonality of the students by indulging them in co-curricular /extracurricular / skill development programme. Above all we transform thestudent into a person who also have a tendency of love / sharing / caring andrespect for Nation, seniors and a concern for the society and deprived ones.


            Variousmodules and methods are chalked out and organized for the students so that theycan cope up with the constant growth of technology and are ready to facechallenges. The institution is situated in an area which has more BPL families,hence special inclination / facilities are given to such students so that theycan continue and complete their education. The institution has more girlstudents hence every possible effort is made to create a friendly atmospherefor them. The institution believes in working in complete coordinate with allthe staff / stakeholders / parents and alumni.


            The institutionwith its team of efficient, hard working teachers and office staff havedetermined and stepped forward to lead the institution and students in to thesphere of excellence in every field. The institution believes in the following-


            “Wewant education by which characters are formed, strength of mind is increased,and the intellect is expanded and by which one can stand on one’s own feet.”

      –Swami Vivekananda







Dr. Alka Meshram


Indira Gandhi Govt. Arts and CommercePG College

Vaishali Nagar, Bhilai